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ReTan Associates

                                     Information Technology Specialist


     ReTan Associates, was established in 1987, providing Information Technology services to small and middle size businesses. With over  35 years of experience in areas of System Analysis/Design, Program Coding, Web Sites, Computer Setup, Upgrades/Repairs, Networking and installation of Hardware and Software.
  1. Hardware Recommendations.
    • - Recommend hardware configuration that best fits
        the applications to be used on  computer systems.
  2. Custom Designed Software.
    • - Analysis of the requirements of the Clients operation.
      - Design phase to flowchart the movement of data.
      - Apply the analysis and design phase into program  code.
      - Debug and implement the custom software.
  3. Web Page Design and Hosting.
    • - Design single or multi web page (s) to the clients  "Likings".
      - Web Page Hosting
      - Mailboxes @
      - On-line Web Page pricing.
  4. Computer Upgrades/Repairs.
    • - Hard Drives installed and data transfer.
      - Memory Upgrades for most PC's.
      - Installation of CD-ROM and DVD Drives.
      - Installation and Setup of Backup Systems.
      - Installation and Setup of Most Off Shelf Software.
      - General Computer Repairs
  5. Networks
    • - Home or office networks allow users to share
        resources such as storage devices, printer and
      - Sharing of Software and data files between user's.
      - A single Internet connection shared by all user's.
      - Click for Network Diagram/Layout
    Reasonable per/hour and service rates. Pickup or On-site service.
    Contract rates available for businesses or multi-system clients.
    Phone (812.876.6729) or Internet E-mail

ReTan Associates
Bloomington, In